my experience in RomaniaSo I have been asked as a foreigner to write about my experience in
Romania. It is always hard to put into word, s when you are in the
middle of an experience.
So the positives: weather, prices (for us foreigners, I’ll get to the
down side of this for Romanians shortly), salaries (once again for
us foreigners), food,people (sometimes),scenery and lifestyle, football on TV and of course the great Concordia Chiajna FC, the fact that many
people speak good English.
The negatives: politics, people being ripped off in their own country paid lesser salaries for doing the SAME flipping job as their foreign
counterparts, the fact that people here refuse to another 1989-style
revolt to make any changes (In my opinion, a Scandinavian socialist system could do wonders for this country but people won’t have it here…), the fact I can’t learn Romanian because most
people speak good English, that people criticise us foreigners
for NOT learning Romanian when they make it harder by speaking English all the time, oh and last but not least the overhyped Steaua Bucuresti FC
(they are probably not one of the 30 best teams in Europe yet they have their own 6 reality show as if they are Barcelona or Bayern Munich —- they are not!!).
So on the football note, let it be said to any fans reading that I
have watched Steaua a few times particularly in Europe and they are not
bad at times. If I was managing Romania’s national team, I’d have
Chipciu, Rusescu and Keseru in for every match. However there are some very very overrated players (not mentioning any names but the initials A.P. number 77 would be one example). Some of which play for the national team at the cost of better players in my view.
Oh one other positive: Romanian beer. I’ve lived my adult life in
three other countries and most beer from those countries tastes like cat urine on a good day. The beer here is great and its accessible. The Lipscani on any night other than Friday or Saturday (where it resembles a zoo with drunken animals) is superb and there is no shortage of places to
go, you can get almost any music, atmosphere and vibe that you are looking for. And it is the perfect mix of Romanians and foreigners. Ah and that other positive, Romanian wine. Foarte bine, that!
Mark Eady, Teacher

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